Welcome to Crack Rat Boards!
Our Snowboards are professionally built with high-quality materials to provide the best ride and durability for your ride.  We offer exclusive, custom designs to express your mood, style or attitude. So browse around and find your next board today!
Quality Construction!
Crack Rat snowboards use sandwich construction, unlike the cheaper cap construction used in the manufacturing of many other snowboards, but for a similar price. We combine the finest materials including a 100% poplar wood core, triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber beams, PE topsheet, rubber foil, ABS sidewalls, extruded base and a Rockwell stainless steel edge. Crack Rat snowboards were created to give everyone a chance to buy a high-quality snowboard at an affordable price.  And of course, our snowboards are compatible with standard 4-hole pattern snowboard bindings.
Choose The Right Size!
The table to the left provides a general size recommendation for packed snow conditions. As long you fall within this range, your snowboard will suit you just fine. However, you may want your board to be on the longer or shorter side of the spectrum depending on your personal preference and riding style. Those that will mainly be riding freestyle (park) may want their snowboard a few centimeters shorter than usual. This helps increase flex and maneuverability. Those planning to ride in heavy powder my want to increase their board size by a few centimeters to help it float better.